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How To Clean Houses Professionally

How To Clean Houses Professionally

In this article you will learn everything you need about how to clean houses professionally.

Do you clean your house so well that you could start your own house-cleaning business? Do you want to be your own boss? Don’t laugh; the home-cleaning business is becoming one of the hottest industries nowadays. Not only that, but it is one of the easiest businesses to start. One major advantage is that it requires a small investment to start. You usually are able to use your clients’ cleaning supplies, and out-of-pocket expenses will be small.

How to clean houses professionally in 8 steps:

Step 1: Decide on your strategy

consider whether you want a side business to earn some extra cash each month or if you want a full-time, house-cleaning business. For years women have been successfully using house-cleaning work as a part-time way to make extra cash. If you are looking for a small gig on the side, start out with one or two clients to service each week. A brief cleaning may offer the basics: vacuuming, dusting and mopping. If you decide to make it your full-time job, your house-cleaning business can offer a more in-depth cleaning in addition to the standard dusting and vacuuming. A list of extras include: mildew removal, window washing, polishing silver and blind cleaning. The additional items will require more time at each job, and your fees should reflect this. Whether you run a part-time or full-time business, you will have to accurately predict how much time it will take you to complete each home. It is best if you have a standard set of services to offer, making your time calculation easier.

Step 2: Research your competition

The next thing you need to do is research the market. What is the going rate for housecleaning services in your area? Do you want to charge the going rate or come in a little lower? Your first instinct might be to come in lower to get new business, but be careful. While the start-up costs for the cleaning business are low, you'll be driving to each house and the cost of gas can add up quickly. Which days you are willing to work? If it is part-time, you may only offer Saturday morning cleaning or one evening per week. If you are doing housecleaning as a full-time job, most of your clients will probably want you to clean their house while they are at work. Though it is an obvious suggestion to research the competition, many people skip this step. Look online at cleaning businesses. Call them and ask questions regarding services offered, price, time spent cleaning and transportation. You can also check with office buildings in your area to learn what cleaning companies they use. Can you offer a lower price? Are they happy with the work? Step 3: Setting some clear boundaries

Long before your first cleaning job, know how far you are willing to drive for work. If you only serve a certain area, keep that in mind when accepting new jobs.

As you looking for new jobs, you may agree to work that cost too much time (and gas) getting to. Or, if you are okay with driving a bit further, agree to the job only if the customer can refer you to two more clients in the same area. In this way you can get a day’s work in at the location. Setting these boundaries early will help your business become a success. Think about the conditions you are willing to work in and those you are not. Will the owner will be home or at work? Do you need a code to enter the building? Step 4: Marketing and advertising

Next you need to decide on your marketing strategy. Instead of offering general housecleaning, you can specialize in pre- or post-party cleaning. You can also team up with local real estate agents in you area who can recommend you to sellers. They will want their homes looking their very best prior to showing their house. Another option you can try is to contact local house builders and offer your services to clean new homes. You can send individual emails mentioning your availability, create flyers or mail postcards.

Starting a website for your housecleaning business is a great way to attract new clients. It can list the the areas you will service, services you provide, the discounts you will offer and contact information. When you get business cards made, list your website so customers can look you up and email you with questions.

Advertising is where you will invest most of your start-up cash. Advertising is expensive, but necessary. Even if you decide to just make flyers at home to hang on local bulletin boards, you have to consider the costs of the ink, paper and photocopying.

Professional advertising can also include yelp ads and direct mail. Yelp ads can be expensive, but they do work. If direct mail is out of your budget, have a brochure professionally printed and canvas neighborhoods. Step 5: Get licensed to clean houses professionally

Check with your state regarding licensing. As a cleaning service you might need to be registered with the state. Information and forms can be found on your state’s Department of Commerce website. Insurance is also important. Insurance can protect you if you or your staff damage or break anything at a client’s home. Clients will be reassured if you tell them that you are both licensed and insured. You may also have to change your car insurance policy if you plan to drive around other cleaners to their job sites.

Step 6: Talk with an accountant

If you are going to do housecleaning as a full time business, you should speak with an accountant to determine the tax implications for your family.

If you have a large client base, you may want to become a sole proprietorship or even incorporate to save yourself from heavy taxation. Plus, if you should ever need to hire someone it will be easier to report the taxes you withhold and remit.

Step 7: Network to clean houses professionally

You should also consider joining your local Chamber of Commerce or Lions Club. These organizations will give you a chance to network, plus, you never know where new business will come from. Be open to exchanging services with other businesses. You could clean the local print shop in exchange for discounted or free flyers. You also may be able to receive discounted insurance rates for being part of one of these organizations. Don’t forget to join your community’s small business owners’ association, if they have one.

​The last and most important step is having the right business management software to save you time and money so you can grow your business. We have developed a unique system that works for you. This system has been tested and proven over the past 10 years to ensure our quality and your complete satisfaction. JaniBid was developed to help cleaning business owners streamline their processes and grow. These systems are tested daily from initial walk through, proposals, sales, contracts, hiring, scheduling, check in and check outs, invoicing and more. This software has saved business owners hundreds of hours and stress, allowing them to focus on what's most important, their Business.

Who We Are

how to clean houses professionally

Janibid was born out of necessity. We began with a simple idea to provide cleaning services and over a couple of years, grew to provide those services to over 300 accounts. We ran a cleaning business and, like you, we faced hard times and stiff competition from low-balling maintenance management outfits and slick-talking national cleaning franchises that were springing up in our marketplace. We were working hard, but when we realized that the old way of doing things never seemed to allow our business to grow steadily or profitably, we took a step back to analyze what wasn't working.Instead of slashing our prices to the point where we weren’t profitable, we took a hard look at ourselves and how we were running our cleaning business, and we didn’t like what we saw.

So, we read everything we could get our hands on. Management books, marketing books, cleaning videos you name it we have read it. We poured over business training manuals about how to get and stay profitable. Then, when we were finally ready, we put together a new plan – a better system. The result: we turned our struggling cleaning company into a force to be reckoned with, and within 3 years, we were doing over $2,000,000 a year in business. Just as importantly, we put together a great staff, the business ran like a machine, and it was fun again! Now we’re sharing what we learned with you.

Why You Need JaniBid Janitorial Software To Start A House Cleaning Business

Whether you’re starting a cleaning business or simply trying to keep your existing one growing, finding the right janitorial software can make a measurable difference in tackling today's toughest challenges. JaniBids service system has been tested and proven over the past 10 years. Our Software system is the key to your growth and success.

  • Time is Money - On average our users save over 20 hours a week.​

  • Staying Organized - JaniBid helps keep you and your staff organized from Alarm Codes, directions, schedules and more.

  • Peace of Mind - The average Janibid business owner has received 50% less staff phone calls. By using janibid mobile staff can log in and get directions, alarm codes all in one easy place. NO MORE LATE NIGHT PHONE CALLS!​

  • Stress Free - JaniBid allows staff to check in, check out, complete work audits, account visits and complete work orders. No longer do you need to wonder if the work is complete. You can simply log in to JaniBid to see all activity from the night before.

The JaniBid Difference

The difference between a struggling cleaning company and a growing cleaning company are the SYSTEMS used. Take out the guess work and rely on our proven operating, scheduling and proposal systems. With the JaniBid system you will be able to instantly email or print out and hand deliver impressive, customized cleaning proposals to your prospective clients. Easily schedule employees work, bid walk through's and personal appointments, along with a powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for a one-stop-shop to view linked notes by individual prospects and customers.

Janibid Mobile

JaniBid mobile is a great resource for your cleaners, managers and sales representatives.


Cleaners can access the accounts they clean to see addresses, get directions, cleaning days, task sheet for each account, alarm codes, manager names, and to check in and check out.


Managers can access the accounts they clean to see addresses, get directions, cleaning days, task sheet for each account, alarm codes, manager names, complete audits, customer visits and to check in and check out.

Sales Representatives

Sales Representatives can access a prospects information, prospect notes and quickly take notes and create a proposal during the walk through and send the clients proposal directly from their phone, tablet, or ipad. This proposal is also saved in the crm to reference back to at any time.

This calculator can be accessed quickly for a quick quote. Simply input a square footage or a time to clean per visit. Then put in how many days a week, your employee cost and the quick calculator does the rest. You’ll be able to add your own percentage or dollar requirement for profit to arrive at how much you want to charge your client. Getting and keeping your janitorial jobs profitable is the name of the game and this innovative feature is a bonus tool that can help in a practical and measurable way. Click here to access our free cleaning bid calculator.

For more information about our JaniBid software please check out Our Software page. If you're ready to sign up then click here.

In conclusion

These eight tips should help you successfully clean houses professionally. Remember, owning your own business is demanding, but the rewards are great. For a small initial investment, you get full control of your daily schedule, maintain flexibility and keep all the profits. Along with that will come a great sense of personal satisfaction that you were able to start your own successful business.


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