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In 2000 we started a commercial cleaning company, after several frustrating months of trying to get our business of the ground we sat down and took a hard look at what we were doing right and what we needed help with.

We had no choice but to succeed, so we doubled down on what was working and read and watched everything we could about succeeding in business. You name it we've researched it, advertising, management, accounting, marketing, sales, social media strategy's etc..

We implemented everything we learned, but the biggest problem that we faced is we needed an operating system. A lot of our time and energy was spent on doing things over again that should have

JaniBid janitorial software

been done the first time. Someone would forget a an alarm password or a sales person would forget to send out a proposal. We knew things would need to change if you we were going to be happy and successful.

From that day on our whole lives changed, we spent a lot of our time and money on building the best operating system for our business. We looked at several of the options that were available. The big companies wanted to much money and didn't have a clue about our business. The smaller software companies were closer to what we need but none of the options were complete. We found ourselves having to have a different software programs for payroll, bidding and scheduling. After a lot of research we finally decide that the only people who could build an operating system that could include everything we needed was ourselves. 

After several months of hard work we created our first version of what we today call JaniBid. Our old way of doing things seemed like a long forgotten bad dream. No longer did we have to call our employees to see how the job went, we simply logged in. No longer did we have to worry about being profitable, losing keys or equipment, sending proposals or following up with new costumers. We developed an automated system that took our business from good to great. 

As you can imagine our business took off. With the right system in place we were able to grow at a very fast pace. Hiring, accounting, managing became a breeze. We grew our business to over 2 million in sales and hundreds of employees. We began to let some of our friends in the business use our software and we saw them make dramatic improvements in their lives and business. At that point we decided to change our mission from owning a successful commercial cleaning company to helping people like us achieve the life and business of their dreams.

We've spent a lot of time developing JaniBid and we know it is what your business is missing. We also are very passionate about helping small business. We have tons of videos and articles to make your business succeed. Thank you for allowing us to help your business grow today and in the future. 

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