Pressure Washing Business Software

Nobody can help you grow your Pressure Washing business like JaniBid. On average, companies using JaniBid see a:

  • +27% increase in sales revenues

  • +32% increase in converting new prospects into customers

  • +34% increase in customer satisfaction

  • +56% faster deployment saving you time and headaches


Keep reading to find out how JaniBid can help take your Pressure Washing business to the next level.

Pressure Washing Business Software

Software Page Examples

New Leads

From the first call, you will get the important information you need every time. What service you client is looking for, their address, contact names, phone number, notes, hours of operation and more. Then set the initial walk through appointment and time right from your computer or phone and our software  sends a reminder to your sales team's phone and schedules an appointment in their calendar.

Lead Management



Manage your existing leads all in one place. Keep track of new leads, sales employees pipelines and track different advertising conversions.


Bidding Calculator





You can send a proposal in minutes through the JaniBid bidding calculator. Simply enter the number of times your staff is going to be working, add any special notes for your employees, enter your employee cost, overhead costs, your profit margin and our bidding calculator does the rest. With JaniBid you can guarantee that every job is a success! Sign up for our free bidding calculator here.

JaniBid Mobile


You and your staff can access JaniBid from your phone or tablet. Alarm codes, phone numbers, our bidding calculator, proposal's, schedules, basically your entire business are just a few clicks away.


Easily manage your employee's and/or contractors payroll. With JaniBid you can print checks directly from our system or from Quickbooks, You can review times, manage vendors and process payroll through several easy to use systems.


Employee Clock-In/Out












The Employee clock-in/clock-out tool keeps track of your employers times in and out of scheduled jobs, as well as GPS locating so you know their on time and at the job site. This information is is saved and can be used to run payroll or to reference back to at any time.

Free Templates













We have worked with businesses large and small. Through helping these businesses we have archived very helpful templates including: Task sheets, proposals, advertising examples, inventory sheets, employee applications, welcome emails, company goals, price increase letters, customer surveys and much, much more. Check out our Free Templates page to find the template you need.



Audits are an important part of keeping clients. All audits can be done either on paper by printing the form out in our free templates section or paperless through our Janibid audits section. These audits are saved and can be kept in house or sent to your customers to keep them informed with areas being addressed.

Product Delivery














Many janitorial companies have a hard time keeping track of the paper products they deliver to their clients. With the product delivery tool, you can keep track of all your products going out and which account they are going to. You can also assign employees to deliver these products. At the end of the month, simply pull the product report to see the detailed product information for each customer. Never get stuck under charging, over charging or loosing track of paper products again. 

Customer Surveys


















Surveys are a great way to get feed back from your clients. These can be sent directly to any customer. The survey can be customized to your specific client and keep you up to date on any issues.















Once a prospect becomes a customer, scheduling is easy. You can schedule all customers and employees in one easy to use calendar. This helps you see time frames and availability for new time slots. Simply schedule each employee to a customer that they service. No longer receive calls from your staff regarding addresses, times, or passwords; each staff member can be given a monthly calendar with days, addresses and times included, or they can log in through our web based system and see their route and accounts for that day, week or month.

Customer Center


Once a prospect becomes a customer, you can keep track of all your clients in one place and have access through the crm.

Quickbooks Integration







Janibid makes it easy for you to link up directly to your Quickbooks. Simply input your customers information in the accounting tab and this information is automatically transferred into Quickbooks.

Manager Check-Ins














Your manager plays a vital roll in your company. The manager check-in tool keeps track of your manager's check-ins for account visits and audit times at a customers location. This information is saved and can be used to reference back to at any time.

Employee Database


Go paperless: Hire your staff or contractors all from your phone, computer or ipad. Our Employee Center tracks all your employees information, including: addresses, phone numbers, birthdays and more. 


Task Sheets
















You can customize each customer's task sheet to the specific scope of work for each job. This allows your staff to check the exact work requirements for each individual day. The task sheets are available in English and Spanish.

Company Reports

















With Janibid you can easily pull your businesses data directly from our system. Run payroll reports, sales reports, profit and loss reports, lead data, manager and cleaner time reports and much more.

Sales Center

Man Trying App
Contract Paper Signing
Business Meeting
Box Delivery
Analyzing the data
Customer Support Representative
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Coming soon! Our sales center will keep track of every sales persons leads so that you know you are getting the most out of every advertising dollar. It also has email sales funnels that guarantee every lead is contacted every week, month and year if desired.