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How To Get Cleaning Contracts

How To Get Cleaning Contracts

In this short guide you will learn everything you need about how to get cleaning contracts. For any new cleaning business owner, learning how to get cleaning contracts is usually the hardest part of getting started, as there is a great deal of competition in the marketplace today.

7 Tips on how to get cleaning contracts:

The good news is that there are many ways to get business quickly and easily, so that your company will be bringing in money and you will be successful within a short period of time.

1. Start Networking

One of the very best ways to get new cleaning contract customers is to make yourself and your company well known throughout your local community. This means becoming more involved in events such as neighborhood meetings, going to charity functions, and shopping at local shops. By networking in this way, you will soon realize the power of networking as you get to know other business owners and they start to refer business opportunities to you. Keep in mind here that you should also return the favor and refer business to them.

2. Direct Mail and Flyers to Get Cleaning Contracts

Going with print ads can help you to spread the word fast about the services that your cleaning company offers. There are a couple of ways you can go about this. One way is to print a colorful flyer and post it on bulletin boards in heavily trafficked areas such as grocery stores in your local area.

Or, you may decide to send a direct mail letter or post card. Here, you can send your piece to the types of businesses that you want to target. Also, consider creating a sense of urgency with your advertisements by offering a discount on the first cleaning that expires soon.

3. Contact Property Managers and Real Estate Agents

A great way to get both cleaning contracts is to contact local real estate agents and property managers. These people have access to many types of properties. By working with property managers, you can get a variety of different types of contracts, including apartment buildings, office buildings, retail malls, and medical buildings. You may also get contracts for bigger properties such as high rise buildings or hospitals.

You'll also want to contact apartment complexes and larger buildings directly. Often, these buildings will have their own building or office manager who is responsible for hiring a cleaning company.

4. Create Yelp Ads to Get Cleaning Contracts

Yelp is a great source for getting potential clients for cleaning contracts.

By placing an ad in your target area, you can grab the attention of business owners who are seeking cleaning services. Yelp ads can be expensive though, so start out small and see if it makes sense for your budget.

5. Create a Website

You defiantly will also want to create a company website. Today, most business, regardless of the service they offer or the industry they are in, will have a website for potential customers to go to. Having a website will allow you to provide additional information about your company, the area of town that you serve, and the type of office cleaning contracts you are looking for. You can even offer a promotional sale to anyone who contacts you via your website.

6. Word of Mouth / Referrals

One of the oldest and best forms of advertising is word of mouth. Whenever you want a good recommendation, you usually take the advice of a friend or family member. This is no different with cleaning services. If your going to try this strategy, be sure that you do a good job for your current customers in hopes that they will recommend you to others.

One way to increase the chances of this happening is to refer your customers’ businesses to others, as well as to simply request that they do the same for you. Often, if you’ve done a good job, they are more than happy to help you out.

In Conclusion

There are several ways to get cleaning contracts, it is important that you use several options to find which ones work best for you. That way, you will be assured of leads coming in from multiple different sources – and, if one strategy runs dry, you will still have potential customers coming in from other open doorways.

If you enjoyed reading this article then you should check out our Cleaning Business Management Software because it has a free bidding calculator and will help you take your cleaning business to the next level.


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