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Free Office Cleaning Audit Checklist

Do you need a Office Cleaning Audit Checklist for your cleaning business? A cleaning checklist is a written document that states the step-by-step cleaning process of a certain place. A checklist is also a reminder of what and when you will be cleaning. Sign up for our Office Cleaning Audit Checklist today!

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Office Cleaning Audit Checklist

What Is a Office Cleaning Audit Checklist?

Your checklist is a tool that helps you double check your work. Use it to perform a quick inspection at the end of each job. A good inspection looks at all the areas your team is supposed to clean. You use a rating system to grade the overall cleanliness of each item on the list.


Inspections can be formal or informal.

An informal inspection is basically a walkthrough. You go through the building or areas you were hired to clean and look for any places you missed. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with this type of inspection, it leaves a lot of room for error. You might miss a lot of details.

A formal inspection is more thorough. Your checklist guides you to check everything thoroughly, and you rate the quality of cleaning for each item on the list. This tells you where your crew has a tendency to overlook things, and where you might need to spend more time.

The importance of using a Office Cleaning Audit Checklist

When you manage a service business, you can’t afford to have a reputation for sloppy work. Completing regular inspections is a smart way to improve the quality of your services. It doesn’t cost anything to create an inspection checklist. When you conduct regular quality checks on completed jobs, you’ll find it easier to attract new business and manage your team.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you use an inspection checklist to check your work:

Office Cleaning Audit Checklist Benefits:


1. Negotiate prices more easily

The first time you talk to a potential client, your inspection checklist helps you set the right expectations and negotiate a fair rate. Everyone wants the best possible quality for the lowest possible price. When it comes to the service industry, some customers will try to cut corners to get a better deal. Later on, they might complain that they’re not getting what they paid for when you do the less thorough job they wanted.

In this situation, a janitorial inspection checklist can really help. Use the checklist to specify where your responsibilities begin and end. You might even consider including specific checklist items in your contract. That way, both parties know exactly what will be done for the agreed price.

2. Maintain communication

When your crew gets a new job, they should know what the client expects. Without a checklist or other written guide, your team will quickly forget any specific services that a particular client requested. They’ll either miss things that the customer expects them to do, or they’ll spend too much time on tasks that you aren’t charging for. Your inspections are also a chance to get real time feedback from your team. Completing regular inspections brings these issues to your attention before they cost you a client. It also makes the crew feel more comfortable about contacting you when an issue arises.

3. Improve cleanliness

The main reason you perform inspections is to produce better results. Knowing that your work will be inspected, you’ll be more mindful of a job well done. This works even when you use your checklist to inspect your own work. Inspections show you the things you tend to overlook. It’s easier to fall into old habits when jobs become routine. Completing inspections on a regular basis is a great way to refocus on quality.

JaniBid's user-friendly Office Cleaning Audit Checklist helps you organize, manage, and grow your business.


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