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Free Window Cleaning Software

Do you need Free Window Cleaning Software for your cleaning business? Our Janibid software was built to take your janitorial business to the next level. From scheduling jobs & managing work orders to invoicing customers & automating follow-up marketing, we've got you covered. Sign up for our Free Window Cleaning Software today!

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Free Window Cleaning Software

Free Window Cleaning Software

Whether you are just starting a your company or managing hundreds of accounts, finding the right software plays a huge role in your company's success. Today, the construction of both residential and commercial buildings is increasing significantly which has lead to high demand for cleaning services. 

Choosing the best business management software can be hard, and we understand that. So, let us help you filter out your search and find what’s best for you.

Features of the best Free Window Cleaning Software:

1. Is It Easy to Use?

The idea of cleaning business software is to make your job trouble-free. So, the software shouldn’t be complex to operate. You need a cleaning business interface that is straightforward and has everything you need. 

2. Does it Have Effective Scheduling 

For a cleaning business time is everything, the more you can save, the more you can make. If you have a handful of cleaning projects to get done, you have to schedule them. A good quality cleaning software will allow you to precisely schedule your projects and assign the duties to your team.

3. What About Work Assigning and Management

A cleaning business software must have a specific feature for the team as well. It should be able to assign work and notify your crew about their work. It prevents confusion among the workers and helps them know where they have to show up for work and when.

4. Does it Include Administration Activities?

Running a cleaning business is a lot more than just cleaning. It includes managing taxes, insurances, and several other paperwork formalities. And let’s just face it, paperwork is the most daunting task ever. With your cleaning business software, you can digitally maintain these official documents easily. Plus, once you have these data on a cloud-based platform, you don’t have to worry about misplacing them too. You can access these files anywhere, anytime you want. With this software at your disposal, you can have everything you need in your pocket.

JaniBid's user-friendly Free Window Cleaning Software helps you organize, manage, and grow your business.


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