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New Lead Creation

QuickBid Calculator

Proposal Creation

Existing Leads

Customer Management

Free Templates

Learning Center

Janibid Mobile


Management Check-Ins



Task Sheets

Product Delivery

Customer Audits

Customer Surveys

Business Reports

Quickbooks Integration


Cleaner Check-Ins


Application - Desktop/ Mobile

All Plans include complete access to all software functions. Janibid pricing is based on active customers in your crm database.

Free Plan                                  Free

1-20 Active Customers

Business Plan                     $29.99 mth

21-50 Active Customers

Plan                                Investment

Business Pro 1                    $49.99 mth

51-75 Active Customers

Business Pro 2                   $99.99 mth

76-250 Active Customers

Business Pro 3                   $124.99 mth

101-250 Active Customers

Enterprise Plan                  $149.99 mth

251-500 Active Customers

 Employee Schedule - Addresses - Directions - Alarm Passwords - Check Ins - Check Outs - Task Sheet - Customer Notes

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